Tobias Schmailzl, Co-founder and Managing Director, PlanBTobias Schmailzl, Co-founder and Managing Director
PlanB. was founded in 2007 with a mindset to “get information to work in a more structured context,” as stated by Tobias Schmailzl, the company’s co-founder and Managing Director. While the company began to expand—serving mid-stock companies with on-premise solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint—it recognized the value of cloud technologies in the enterprise technology landscape. Soon after, in 2013, PlanB. re-strategized its positionto deliver MS Azure and Office 365 solutions for clients. Today, the company holds rich expertise in cloud software engineering to help clients build and deliver scalable digital services/products in a cost-efficient manner. PlanB.’s core competencies include minimum viable product (MVP) design and rapid development of proof of concepts, agile and scalable digital product engineering, and customer-centric DevOps expertise.

On a broader scale, this translates to a much larger trend in the global enterprise space. With digital transformation becoming less of a buzzword and more the norm,C-level executives are at their wit's end tryingto enhance their operations with digital tools and technologies. To this end, PlanB. has gone the extra mile in attaining the agilityto best caterDigital Transformation to their clients. In addition to their cloud software engineering expertise, the company is an expert in helping clients modernize their workforce with the prowess of solutions such as Microsoft365 and Azure.

PlanB.’s cloud-native approach, which they embraced early into their foundation, has turned out to be a key differentiator for them. A transparent solution delivery model that aligns well with the nuances of modern-day cloud architectures is a USP that many of the company's clients are looking for.

Owing to our transparency, clients trust us with their cloud engineering projects, with the assurance that we would not be overselling them

“Owing to our transparency, clients trust us with their cloud development projects, with the assurance that we would not be overselling them. They get clear understanding and granular control over the development of the digital products that we are creating for them. That is the kind of development framework that we have built at PlanB.,” says Schmailzl.

Schmailzl talks about how PlanB. enabled the team behind flinkey to roll out their novel non-invasive cloud-based solution for keyless car access.

As an automotive supplier that delivered physical key locking systems to OEMs, the parent company of flinkey was looking to modernize their business model—to reinvent key management in today's era of electric cars. By partnering with PlanB., flinkey could develop one of a kind mobile app-based platform solution that rendered old cars/fleets anew in terms of key and access management. PlanB. brings the real and digital worlds together to expand customers´ portfolio. Augmented reality technology and Microsoft Azure are used, for example, as a digital product to raise the cleaning process to stage 4.0. The technology superimposes digital information into a real environment. Using a mobile device, cleaning specialists have always their necessary information and can find their way around complex environments to do their work best.Or even an IoT case was mentioned by Schmailzl improving the air quality for everyone. By combining different data sources, such as outdoor air data (Azure Maps) and sensor data from the device, artificial intelligence automatically optimizes the control of the device based on personal needs and sustainably improve air quality.In another instance, PlanB. enabled Zeiss, the global optics and photonics leader, to leverage Microsoft Azure to create a microservices-based platform and come up with a flexible, highly secure identity system for easier data sharing, both internally and with customers.

In joint effort with a startup, PlanB. change the way how people communicate and do transactions DSGVO-compliant.Services and products can be billed directly within a platform. Doctors or coaches will be able to use a messenger app to conduct virtual consultations and then bill them immediately.Scripting many such success stories and positioning themselves as a boutique entity for cloud native software engineering, PlanB.’s mission is to create outstanding digital products to enable clients to achieve their goals faster ultimately. The company has already partnered with several healthcare establishments to help them leverage AI and predictive analytics capabilities. The company is also undertaking projects around mixed and augmented reality-based initiatives. Owing to their value proposition, PlanB. has achieved 25-30 percent YoY growth and saw their team become 150 strong in 2020. Understanding the direction where enterprise technologies are headed, PlanB. has made substantial investments towards AI technologies. The company is thereby primed to roll out solutions pertaining to automation, robotics, and IoT.