Tommaso Pozzi, CEO, PORINITommaso Pozzi, CEO
Global competition brings products quickly to the market, increasing complexities due to the dispersal of supply chains. Meanwhile, fashion and textile industries must meet demanding clients' requirements as they are often struggling with fragmented information systems that substantially reduce flexibility and visibility in managing operations.

With robust industry-specific functionalities, Porini's scalable and comprehensive business software solution—PORINI 365 ERP—can quickly adapt to the client's continuously changing requirements, enabling them to work in all business areas most efficiently and effectively. Further, PORINI 365 ERP for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed for the fashion, retail, footwear, and textile sectors, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, the cutting edge of companies' innovation. The solution addresses the fashion business's need while defining in a very efficient way seasonal products that decline in many variations. It also allows to define code structures, code templates and attach to it technical and commercial data specific to the product category.

Thousands of users worldwide demonstrate the success of a comprehensive and reliable software.
With its high flexibility, PORINI 365 ERP fully meets the multiple peculiarities of an industry that is by definition heterogeneous and fragmented and where supply chain players must interact with their partners in increasingly shorter times and in reliable way. The comprehensive and scalable business software solution fully meets the textile, apparel, fashion, footwear, and accessories industry's continuously changing requirements. It enables to work across the entire supply chain in a synchronized, coordinated and seamless mode. PORINI 365 ERP addresses the most complicated item coding traceability requirements and process flexibility for companies producing and marketing fashion and apparel items, from fibres to yarns, industrial fabrics, home textile, carpets, clothing, footwear, designer collections and fashion accessories.

With almost 50 years of international experience in projects alongside companies in several sectors and a great passion, Porini has developed an in-depth knowledge of typical industry processes, allowing them to identify each organization's specific needs and propose innovative solutions to deliver concrete benefits. With Porini, one can take control of costs and profitability, integrate material, item, order, and cost information with comprehensive financial management and reporting tools.

Porini is one of the leading International Microsoft Partners supporting clients worldwide in designing and delivering state of the art solutions that can accompany all corporate functions towards the new digital transformation. Established in Como in 1968 as a company specialized in ERP solutions and consulting services specific to fashion, clothing, textiles and retail companies, over the years, Porini expanded its expertise becoming a Microsoft Global ISV extending its portfolio solutions with Social CRM, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Performance Management, Collaboration and Knowledge Management targeted to medium to large companies in many other industry sectors.

Striding ahead, Porini had participated as Supporter to the 2021 edition of the Big Data & Business Analytics Observatory, part of the Digital Innovation Observatories of the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano. The Big Data & Business Analytics Observatory, whose research is now in its ninth edition, aims to highlight the strategic value that Big Data and Analytics play in companies and Public Administration, highlighting the potential benefits related to competitiveness, profitability, timeliness and increased effectiveness in decision-making processes. As a trendsetter, with more upcoming innovations in store Porini marches full steam ahead!